Bone Conduction Hearing Aids

If a conventional hearing aids to get sound from the outer ear and then refine this sound and recording back to the inner ear. Now there is a bone conduction hearing aids is known as a hearing aid that is very different from the regular hearing aids.

Bone conduction hearing aid receives sound from the outside then it helps transmit sound signals to a device called an oscillator and then play the sound back into the inner ear. Oscillator produces vibration of the skull and inner ear will pick up vibration and interpret them into a sounds.

Conventional hearing aid are more effective than bone conduction hearing aid. Bone conduction hearing aids deliberately designed specifically for people who can not use traditional forms of hearing aids. When the network is clogged ears like the atresia, the regular hearing aids may not be useful in the beside, in this case bone conduction hearing aid may be much more useful.

When you suffer from ear infections or skin diseases then you probably can not use hearing aids usual, and maybe you're need a tool of bone conduction hearing. Your ear when the network is limited, or are narrowed than usual, the bone conduction hearing aid you need.

Bone conduction aids are suitable for children, and suitable also for people who have temporary hearing loss. Only one percent of people who use the help of using bone conduction hearing aids so they can be difficult to detect. But if you only need one just make sure to talk it over with a consultant to your audio.

Bone conduction hearing aids may not work perfectly for the reproduction of sound, the sound is acceptable only similar to the phone and form mono sound but no stereo. People who wear hearing aids can not find where the source of the sound came.

Bone conduction hearing aid uses a headband to wear anything can be stored neatly, but often is not convenient because of the headband should be guarded so that it works effectively.

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